Equipment Assignments



Guidelines for boat reservations Spring 2021:

* This document is intended as a way for all to see how everyone gets the boats that they need. They will not be blocked for you in iRow.

* You are still responsible for reserving the boats (1x , 2x and 4x) for your sessions up to 5 days ahead of time in iRow!

* You can have reservations in progress for multiple sessions at once, as long as they are made at least 1 day in advance, but you should never have more boats reserved for a session than the number of participants in the session.

* If there is a boat on the google list that is free for the entire timeslot that you wish to use it for your program, you're welcome to reserve and use it for your program instead of the boat that was allotted to you. Same rules apply as above: reserve it 5 days ahead in iRow, and don't reserve more boats than you have participants in a session.

* If you've been allotted a non-tubby for a youth LTR program, it's because it has a pontoon bracket. We'll have a lot of new scullers out there, so we're taking advantage of every opportunity to get people on the water. Pontoons are in the red box on the dock, and on the wire shelves just inside the 8s bay, and behind the B boats. Note that some have the connector on the boat, and some have it on the pontoon. If the holes are facing the wrong direction, you can often disconnect the bar from the pontoon and flip it around.

* If you are using the sculling dock box with your program, bring a spray bottle down and disinfect the apparatus before, after, and in between participants.


Pre-Spring (3/22 to 4/19) - 4 Oar Rule in place until further notice...